Massages at Mamaroneck location

Massages at the Mamaroneck location are inside an exclusive gym that has its own spa. Non-members are welcome to use the spa.  Please bring a lock for the locker room if you would like to shower & use the steam room.  Otherwise you are welcome to change inside the massage room. 

Home Visits through Michelle

Michelle will arrive at your location bringing everything she needs to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage.  Please have a set up location available at least the size of a 5x7 carpet.  Also please pick a place in your home that has as few stairs as possible.  Please also let Michelle know regarding parking.  The closer the better to carry in all the supplies. Discounts available if you provide your own massage table and linens.

Intake & Release Forms

Please allow a few minutes added onto your session to complete intakes and release forms.  These forms are private and covered by HIPPA. 

When not to get a massage

IF YOU ARE IN ANY WAY CONTAGIOUS, please reschedule.  I work with people that may have compromised immune systems.  Please be respectful of others situations including myself.  I dont want to get sick either. 


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Gift Certificates

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Staying in touch

I hope to send out one email a month including: my schedule, promotions, and highlighting a massage modality.  If you would like to receive this email please sign up on the Stay Up To Date page. 


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Email, Text, Phone

I promote email and text on the website because its easier for me to respond in a timely manner in between appointments.  Please include your name and reason for contact in all emails/texts as I am constantly sorting through spam.  Phone calls are always welcome but please allow at least 3 days for a call back.

Your Own Table & Linens

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